Sealcoating Steps


1.Cleaning The edges of grass are trimmed and pavement is cleaned with high powered blowers & power brooms to ensure a proper sealcoat adhesion.


2.Crack Filling All cracks a 1/4 in and larger are blown free of Vegitation and debris using a crack jet2 this machine produces a blast output of 2800* .Then all cracks are filled using a hot rubberized crack sealant.


3.Sealcoating Any oil spots are primed prior to appling sealer. Near houses, garages etc the material is applied by brush then the remaining of the driveway is sprayed on by using a modern  spray system. Driveway is then blocked off by simply putting up caution tape.



At chase sealcoating we offer only the best materials on the market,such as our commerical grade sealer (Tarconite by neyra). our sealcoat is hand  applied near  houses and walls this ensures no sealant will get on any place besides your driveway. sealing your driveway with tarconite will protect it against the harsh new england weather and will create a surface guard as a protectant for harmful chemical spills.

we also provide Line Striping/Markings.

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