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( March - December)

Sometimes pavement is beyond saving and needs to replaced. We provide free estimates on all services. Chase can take care of any asphalt related needs. Patching can be done pretty much year round. Typically anything larger than 1 wheel barrow will require hot asphalt vs cold applied approach.

Pavement Replacement


Asphalt repair starts by measuring and painting out the damaged area. Once the area is marked we will then neatly saw cut around the patch. Next the old Pavement is removed and hauled away, Final step is installing new asphalt 2-1/2in is standard for most jobs once raked to proper grade we will then compact the freshly laid asphalt with a plate compacter. New asphalt can be opened up to traffic in as little as 2 hours depending on outside temperatures & size of the job.

chase sealcoating & Asphalt repair
Sealcoating & Asphalt repairs. Seabrook,Sailbury & amesbury

Small Repair Jobs

Some jobs are a quick simple fix and don't require bringing Hot mix Asphalt. In these cases we will simply install Patch Master as an alternative.


  • Easy to Use – Simply pour from bag and tamp or drive over with car wheels.

  • No heating required. A true, cold patch product.

  • PatchMaster can be applied in any weather.

  • Fills potholes in both asphalt and concrete. Ideal for full depth repair

  • Ideal for roads, streets, parking lots, driveways, and other pavement surfaces.

What Our Clients Say

Asphalt Sealcoating & Repair

Jerry B,

"Josh did a great job, this is a easy 5 star review"
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