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Line Striping Services In NH


( March - November )


Not all parking lots need a new lay out. Restriping is simple repainting the existing faded lines that are already there. It's important to make sure your parking lot is in its best shape possible. Not only does it boost the curb appeal of your business, it keeps your customers safe. We recommend repainting your parking lot every 1-2 years depending on traffic and winters.


Stencils and markings are a great way to keep your parking lot safe. We provide all kinds of stenciling services from #s, handicap stencils to U.S maps you would typically see on a school playground and many more. 

commerical Sealcoating and lines

New parking lot Lay out 

Night Time Line Striping NH

When it comes to new lines there are ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act) guide lines that must be followed. A standard Stall size must be a minimum of 9x18. For compact cars 8x16. We will measure and chalk out the lines before any paint is applied to ensure your lot is done right the first time.

Traffic Flow

Parking lot traffic should all flow smoothly there should be no dead ends. Straight-in parking allows two way traffic flow but requires a larger space. Angled parking can maximize a smaller area and fit more cars into the existing space.

Asphalt Repair & Pot holes Chase sealcoating
  • For over 25 years, striping contractors have turned to Graco

  • Each LineLazer System is engineered to deliver maximum performance for completing jobs quickly and efficiently

  • Superior design and innovative technology means you’ll be getting the highest productivity in a line striping system



line painting & Markings for parking lot
Sealcoating & Line Paint


  • Advanced E-Z Spray Technology for Optimum Atomization and Crisp Consistent Lines

  • Fast-Drying Formula Meets Fed Spec TTP-1952d and TTP-1952e Color Specifications

  • High Solids, Durable Formula

  • E-Z Stir Formula with Minimal Settling in Pail During Storage

  • 100% Acrylic Formula

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